Don Mathewson claims first gold

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Journalist: Laura Meachim

Australian Don Mathewson took 6km to shake his competitors but took control on the final lap of the men’s 8km cross country to claim the first gold medal of the 2016 World Master Athletics  Championships.

Mathewson, who raced in the men’s 70-74 age group beat team mate and Jim Langford in ideal conditions.

“Outstanding, fabulous, we couldn’t ask for better there was very little wind, nice and warm just perfect really,” Mathewson said.

In 2015 Mathewson took out the silver while Langford won gold at the Lyon World Masters and said while it was competitive there was a sense of comradery among competitors.

“It’s fabulous, there are people all around, like I can see that guy from Germany who I haven’t seen for years because he wasn’t at the last one,” he said.

“I keep in touch by email with people some from Canada, the States and Great Britain and it’s great to meet again.”

The 72 year old from Sydney said he doesn’t think about age and urged people to live day by day.

“Normally I don’t let people ask my age,” he said.

“If anyone says something about their age I say ‘Well don’t think like that cause if you think like that that is what you’ll become’,”

Watching on was the oldest competitor in the competition, John Gilmour who at 97 will be competing in three events.

“He’s my hero, John Gilmour,” Mathewson said.

Mathewson will be competing in the 800m, 5000m, the half marathon and his strongest the 1500m.

 Pic Caption:

L-R Silver medallist Jim Langford with Masters legend John Gilmour and gold winner Don Mathewson. Picture: James O’Donohue



Jim Langford in 8km cross country at Perry Lakes. Picture: James O’Donohue



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