Training Times Available

Both Western Australian Athletics Stadium (WAAS) and Ern Clark Athletic Centre (ECAC) are available for training at specified times throughout the competition.

Please click here to view the training time table.

Please note times are subject to change without notice.


Competitors who are using spikes at Perth 2016, are required to read and adhere to these spike regulations.


Field Event Equipment Available

The following poles will be available for athlete use at all Pole Vault competitions:

  • 11′, 120lb
  • 11′, 130lb
  • 11′, 140lb
  • 12′, 120lb
  • 12′, 130lb
  • 12′, 140lb
  • 13′, 120lb
  • 13′, 130lb
  • 13′, 140lb
  • 13′, 150lb
  • 14′, 140lb
  • 14′, 150lb
  • 14′, 160lb
  • 15′, 150lb
  • 15′, 170lb
  • 15.6′, 170lb
  • 15.6′, 180lb

The following equipment will be available for athletes at all Hammer Throw competitions:

  • 1215mm (L), 7.260-7.285kg (W), 110-130mm (D)
  • 1215mm, 6.000-6.025kg, 105-125mm
  • 1200mm, 5.000-5.025, 100-120mm
  • 1195mm, 4.000-4025, 95-110mm
  • 1195mm, 3.000-3.025, 85-100mm
  • 1195, 2.000-2.025, 75-100mm

L=Lenght; W=Weight Range, D=Diameter

The following equipment will be available for athletes at all Javelin competitions:

  • 2.60-2.70m (L), 800-825gm (W), 25-30mm (D)
  • 22.30-2.40m, 700-725gm, 23-28mm
  • 2.20-2.30m, 600-625gm, 20-25mm
  • 2.00-2.10m, 500-525gm, 20-24mm
  • 1.85-1.95m, 400-425gm, 20-23mm

L=Overall Length, W= Weight Range, D=Diameter Shaft at thickest point

The following equipment will be available for athletes at all Discus competitions:

  • 50-57mm (D), 2.000-2.025kg(W), 219-221mm (OD)
  • 50-57mm, 1.500-1.525kg, 200-202mm
  • 50-57mm, 1.000-1.025kg, 180-182mm
  • 50-57mm, 0.750-0.775kg, 166-182mm

D=Diameter of metal plate (flat centre area), W=Weight Range, OD=Outside Diameter

The following equipment will be available for athletes at all Weight throw competitions:

  • 410mm (L), 15.880-15.905kg (W), 145-165mm(D)
  • 410mm, 11.340-11.365kg, 130-150mm
  • 410mm, 9.080-9.105kg, 120-140mm
  • 410mm, 7.260-7.285kg, 110-130mm
  • 410mm, 5.450-5.475kg, 100-120mm
  • 410mm, 4.000-4.025kg, 95-110mm

L=Length, W=Weight Range, D=Diameter range

The following shot putts’ will be available at each shot venue:

  • 7.260-7.285kg – 110-130mm (D)
  • 6.000-6.025kg – 105-130mm (D)
  • 5.000-5.025kg – 100-130mm (D)
  • Men 4.000-4.025kg – 95-130mm (D)
  • Women 4.000-4.025kg – 95-110mm (D)
  • Men 3.000-3.025kg – 85-130mm (D)
  • Women 3.000-3.025kg – 85-110mm (D)
  • 2.000-2.025kg – 80-110mm (D)

D = Diameter range

Travelling with Poles/Equipment

If you are competing at Perth 2016 in a field event that requires you to bring your own equipment, you will need to consult your airline/booking agent regarding transportation of poles or other equipment. Please be aware that some airlines on various routes may not be able to transport poles and the like due to size restrictions. Athletes should seek clarification from their chosen airline prior to arriving at the airport.

If you are not able to travel with your own equipment, Perth 2016 will have a range of equipment available for hire. Please email for more information.


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We will create an extraordinary World Masters Athletics Championships in Perth, Western Australia. Athletes will compete at world-class facilities located a short drive from the Perth city centre. After competition, athletes will have the opportunity to experience the extraordinary, which is Perth and Western Australia.



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